Lei Cha

Lei Cha is a traditional Hakka Chinese dish that packs one hell of a healthy punch. In Hakka, it is pronounced Lui Cha and literally translates as ‘pounded tea’, although more commonly referred to as Thunder Tea among English speakers. Despite its straightforward name, it is anything but simple. The combination, assembling and ‘pounding’ of an abundant assortment of fresh ingredients requires meticulous knowledge and skill. Luckily, at Miao Chun Sang, we bring our family’s decades of experience and expertise passed down through generations by our Hakka loved ones. In short, we charm you and your taste buds with this complex earthy wonder.   

In an attractive, comfortable, air-conditioned setting, Miao Chun Sang provides you with a large bowl of rice (white or brown, your preference), topped with generous portions of wholesome, nutritious and healthy vegetables, nuts, and legumes (French beans, choy sum, chives, Chinese cabbage, tofu, peanuts, pickled turnips, and black-eyed peas), as well as dried shrimps (optional). Accompanying this nourishing bowl of decadent delights that offers a plethora of textures and tastes is another bowl of fresh green soup that packs lots of flavourful and fragrant herbs and spices, such as mint, basil and coriander, as well as tea leaves. Feel free to drench your rice and vegetables as much as you like with this pounded tea soup and enjoy the healthy satisfaction of your body and soul.